Joe and Zena Hayes

Joe is the Managing Director of JH Landscapes Ltd and Zena is the Finance Director. They have been married for 23 years and they have 2 dogs Jack and Jet.


Hayley Boswell

Hayley has worked for the company since 2018 primarily as Joe’s PA. Hayley is married to Terry who works for our sister company Get Logs. Hayley has 2 sprockers Honey and Bear who come to the office to join Jack and Jet as the resident office dogs!


Mickey Bray Coats

Mickey has worked for the company for 25 years as our site supervisor and is married to Zena’s niece Katrina. Mickey is highly qualified and has excellent knowledge through experience.


Pawel and Dan Swietek

Pawel and Dan are brothers who have worked for the company for over 15 years.


Emil Stepniak


Emil is the newest member of our team who joined in August 2022.




Resident office dogs!

Jack is a 16 year old Border Collie and Jet is a 7 year old Kelpie cross Bearded Collie. Honey and Bear are brother and sister and they are 1 year old sprockers. Jack, Honey and Bear work hard in the office giving cuddles and kisses to anyone that will let them and Jet is our hard working security dog that notifies us of any goings on in the day!


Resident yard cats!



Tom and Gerry have been resident yard cats since May 2020 when Zena adopted them from New Start Cat Rescue in Newent. They work hard in keeping the yard rat free!

BALI Accreditation

In May 2019, JH Landscapes applied for BALI accreditation. This was due to a specific architect requiring this accreditation to work with us. We got to work on compiling the … Read More

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